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About Us

About Us

Our Progress As A Nation Can Be No Swifter Than Our Progress In Education ....
-The Human Mind Is Our Fundamental Resource..

In today’s time, we are living in a deeply interconnected world with a wide-variety of devices, innovations, channels supporting unprecedented exchanges of ideas and information. We gradually recognize that the very substance of what we need to know has undergone a fundamental shift as a result of the involvement of research, development and innovation (R&D&I) specially in the field of education.
The education industry can be depicted as the collection of organizations and businesses that provide products and services aimed at enhancing the quality of educational levels in the society. Each of the particular sector caters to a growing demand for cutting-edge education products and services. Each category has a distinct market segment and requirement.
We provide a launch pad to anyone ranging from an individual entrepreneur to the educational institutions, global corporations or companies to online & offline project providers, which help accelerate the educational system. We are eager to work with those who understand its unique dynamics, opportunities and challenges. We encourage an educational company who owes responsibility for skilling the current manforce and preparing future generations for work and life. Those with the expertise in developing online products, projects, online space or any kind of education related product or services are provided with a great start by us globally. We Provide them with support in terms of offering facilities along with the advantage of our robust network build over the years In education domain.

We are long standing member of NAFSA (the world’s largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education and exchange)


Why Choose Us?

Phoren Kampus Canada Inc is a parent company of Edlauncher. Phoren Kampus Canada Inc is a renowned name in the education fraternity engaged in university tie ups, launching of projects, mergers & acquisitions of educational organizations since 2001. This has helped them create a gigantic network with all sections of the education industry across the globe.



Edlauncher is a team of passionate people who are curious about helping you create a huge mark in the Education Industry. We are the fastest growing educational platform providers,empowering entrepreneurs and companies to make a positive impact on society with innovation. We assist expanding education products & projects globally. With the expertise of our successful parent company Phoren Kampus Pvt Ltd, and it’s vertical EdInfra we are enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of this unique methodology. Our footprints are spread across nations like United States, UK, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and many more adding to the list.
We help jump start the entrepreneurial community by providing entrepreneurs with collaboration with a top - tier network of pre-nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, educationalist and educational organizations. This organic growth helps a edtech startup reduce the customer acquisition cost.
For us, it’s an intrinsic drive to get global educational companies & projects connected with them with an objective to create a dynamic and impactful environment that will help to further strengthen sustainable education ecosystem throughout the globe. We are the pioneers in what we do and aim to become one of the best educational consultancy globally. This in turn is also a win win situation for the universities and educational organizations who gain immensely from the scalable business model.

Mission, Vision & Legacy


To bestow upon a global platform for collaborations that foster support the evolution and improvement of institutions, Educational Organisations and related Companies which in turn revolutionise and enlighten the mutual engagement.


Unceasingly shape enduring ideas by using deep analysis of the target market and with the radiant insight of the contemporary culture help seamlessly transform clients’ businesses across borders.


Having a prosperous experience and the inspiring leadership, these years have shown us the glory of success and made us a reputed and reliable service provider in our field. Starting the business form the Student’ recruitment for overseas educations, we have touched upon many important projects to flourish our experience.

Our Leader

Meet Our Director

Mr. Bhavesh Thakkar (Managing Director)

An enterprising professional with more than 17 + years of experience is the backbone behind the foundation of our company. His strong experience is in formulating business development strategies, building magnificent branches, and profitable organizations to help Edlauncher reach the globe. His expertise knows no bounds in guiding educational institutes across the world to expand and grow by rendering them with infrastructural facilities and a robust network as resources.
Having studied from Australia and New Zealand, he demonstrates extensive expertise in partnering with the leaders of educational institutions, Educational Organisations and Companies to help them think differently and coaching the talent to attain the unattainable .Being a self motivated individual with a passion for education, he strives to continually enhance standards in the ever evolving industry of education. Being a people–person ,he has earned immense recognition in this field..

Our Services

Our Services

Design ,Build and Collaborate (DOC)

Edlauncher is a platform playing a niche and crucial role in the education stratum facilitating Design ,Build and Collaborate (DOC) methodology.We are known for greasing the wheels of the educational companies or budding entrepreneurs to set afloat their innovative and beneficial products, services or projects. We support them to collaborate with the educational institutions.This facilitates them to stand apart as a trailblazer and raise their brand image.This mutual process redefines the standards of the education industry as a whole favoring Edlauncher leave a mark for itself.

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